DAYS 3 & 4: Rafting in Zim and Game Driving in Botswana

We’re back after our weekend in the wilderness! After two days of looking and swinging over the Zambezi, the crew was more than ready to get wet and brave it’s rapids. White water rafting on the river is an unforgettable experience. Conditions are perfect at the moment – as the water is quite low – meaning that almost all of the rapids are accessible. This however, doesn’t make the experience any less terrifying. Going through your first rapid is something that will stick with you. The noise is the first thing that you experience. Then you begin to see the white water. Most grade 5 rapids give you a 50:50 chance of staying in the boat, though there are sections in which you have less than a 1% chance of success. Rafting isn’t for the faint hearted. A lot of time is spent out of the boat – either floating or fighting through the currents. We found that out very quickly. The banks of the Zambezi – especially during low water – is dotted with small sandy beaches. The sand makes for a great campsite, ideal for resting up before our drive through Chobe National Park. Botswana, although very close to Vic Falls, gave us a very different African experience.

We traveled through the park both by boat and on land. The Chobe River is home to hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks and storks to name a few; the group got very close to the animals, who didn’t seem at all bothered by our boat. The 6-hour drive around the National Park was better still, as we saw more than our fair share of park wildlife. Perhaps the highlight was seeing a pride of lions at sundown, and another at sunrise. Giraffe, elephant, kudu, buffalo and impala, all strolled passed the truck and lions could be heard hunting from our camp.


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