DAY 2- Gorge Swinging

Welcome back to our Bomlo tour blog!

If you read yesterday’s post you would know that we are at the start of our trip in the beautiful Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The group has wasted little time acclimatizing, and are already throwing themselves headlong into the many activities planned for this leg of the trip.

The town of Victoria Falls, although dominated by its chief landmark, has much to offer in the way of adventure and adrenaline. The serenity of the falls provides the perfect backdrop for high adrenaline activities like zip – lining, bungee jumping and gorge swinging. Today the group chose to brave the latter.

The gorge swing is a 70-meter freefall that morphs into a terrifying 90-meter swing from a cliff, overlooking the Zambezi. The drop quite literally takes your breath away. Most were stunned into silence, though a few did manage to muster a scream or two.

Any remaining cobwebs from the long flight from Norway were blown into the gorge as everyone paired off and faced the drop in tandem. There were a few that faced the fall alone, choosing to plummet headfirst from a handstand position off the cliff – an utterly paralyzing experience.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a two-day trip, with white water rafting here at Vic Falls, and an overnight camping trip at Chobe National Park, Botswana. We won’t be posting tomorrow, because of Internet limitations, but make sure to check back in with us Monday evening for an update of our weekend.

Check out the video below, and be sure to follow @SouthernAmbitionAfrica on Instagram.

*All of these fantastic activities have been organized through Adventure Zone.


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